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Interaction with PM Pusha Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” – 22.09.2008

On his way to the United States of America for participation in the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), the recently elected Prime Minster of Nepal – Pusha Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” – visited the Federal Republic of Germany. The Ambassador of Nepal to Germany, Dr. Madan Kumar Bhattari, organized a welcome programme in honour of the PM. The PM held interaction with the representatives of NRN-Germany attending the programme. Wide range of issues like double citizenship, problems revolving around refugees and legal provision of acquiring citizenship on the name of mother were raised by NRN-representatives during his brief visit. NRN-Germany reiterated its commitment that Non Resident Nepalese are ready to extend all sort of support for the newly initiated endeavour – bulding of New Nepal – of the current nepalese government.

Teej Festival – 31.08.2008

On the auspicious occasion of Teej festival and on the special initiative of Women Representative NRN-ICC, Mrs. Usha Sharma, Women Forum of NRN-Germany organized a Teej-celebration-event on 31 August 2008. It took place in the premises of Nepalese Embassy Berlin. Although all nepalese people living in Berlin were invited, only a handful of people showed up. Nevertheless the beautiful Nepali women attending the event clad in graceful red-sari and other teej paraphernalia left no stone unturned to give the event an intense teej-like disposition. The foyer of the embassy was buzzing with teej-melodies and the female participants were in a joyful mood dancing and enjoying the event. The last year’s popular hit of Komal Oli seemed to be retaining it’s popularity even now as the cheering women were repeatedly asking for replay of the same hit “Poila jana pam”. The music coming direct out of the famous video portal youtube was the ultimate proof that the teej-festival has also gone digital. Male participants were seen chatting in the narrow corridor of the Nepalese Embassy. Kids were having fun, yelling, crying and playing. There was a break in the middle. Men, women and children rushed to the kitchen of the embassy. Some fine nepali delicacy- sel roti, khir, wide variety of pickles- prepared by different participants were put carefully on the table.Primarily Teej festival has religious significance – married woman pray for sound health and longetivity of their husbands among others. But these days this occasion is used by women to express their dissatisfactions and air their grievances regarding discrimination and marginalisation in their family and society. Their concerns are expressed through teej-songs that they sing in groups. Hence since recent times teej festival is being used as a means of women-emancipation.

Although the vibrat Nepali society is undergoing structural changes in the social, cultural, and political realms, the tradition of sexual segregation at get-togethers that is unconsciuos, latent and conspicuous at the same time unfortualtely got it’s continuity this time too. Here NRN-Germany can and should play an active role to transform the nepali society in a positive manner.

Farewell for Minister Counsellor of Embassy of Nepal – 17.03.2008

Amidst presence of NRN members and staffs of Embassy of Nepal Germany, NRN-Germany hosted a farewell ceremony for Minister Counsellor Mr. Prahlad Kumar Prasai. He completed his successful term in Embassy of Nepal, Germany and is returning back to Nepal in continuation of his diplomatic service for the Foreign Ministry of Nepal. Flanked by his better half – Mrs. Sita Prasai – the Minister Counsellor arrived in a cheerful mood at the venue – Buddha Haus, Berlin. After a short spell of handshakings and exchange of affectionate greetings among the guests, the hall echoed with babble of voices as the guests were talking with each other. Thereafter the program took a formal shape. The sober moderation of the function by Protocol Secretary of NRN-Germany – Mr.Rajendra Sthapit – was slightly humorous. Despite the deep sense of humor, a feeling of sadness hovering in the air was palpable. The President of NRN-Germany – Mr.Dil Gurung – was requested to say a few words on this occasion. While recalling the events which happened during the tenure of the Minister Counsellor, the President didn’t spare any words to praise Mr.Prahlad Prasai as a competent and dedicated diplomat, co-operative staff of Embassy of Nepal and a friendly man with profound hospitality and simplicity. The General Secretary of NRN-Germany – Mr. Kedar Pradhan – attempted to ease the atmosphere with some funny gestures. He reminisced his first meeting with the Minister Counsellor roughly 20 years back in Moscow and wished him and his family peace, good health and a prosperous future. President of International Nepali Literature Society Germany – Mr. Chakra Subedi – delved in the literary world and mesmerized the audience as he twisted and turned the words in standard Nepali fabulously in a bid to bid Mr.Prasai a fond farewell. Prof. Shiva Shrestha and Ms. Deepa Rayamajhi from the Advisory Board and Women Forum of NRN-Germany respectively and the wife of Mr.Dil Gurung bade farewell to the Minister Counsellor by delivering a brief and poignant speechemphasizing his and his family’s friendliness and hospitality and wishing him all the best. Mr. Prahlad Prasai spoke at the end of the function. He took this opportunity to welcome and thank all the guests by addressing them personally. He praised the role played by NRN-Germany for the welfare and development of Nepal and affirmed that he will be dedicated to the service of Nepal and Nepalese People wherever he is.

Send Home A Friend – 8.03.2008

In Co-operation with NRN-Germany, the Embassy of Nepal, Berlin, Germany hosted a special function – “Send Home a Friend and Nepal for all seasons”. This program was organised in Neukölln on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civial Aviation (MoCTCA)and Nepal Tourism Board. The function was attended by CEO of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) – Mr.Prachanda Man Shrestha, NRN-ICC Vice President – Mr.Ram Pratap Thapa, Deputy Chief of Mission of Nepal Embassy Berlin – Mr. Ganesh Prasad Dhakal , NRN-President – Mr. Dil Gurung, NRN Deputy regional coordinator for Europe – Mrs.Janakee Gurung, officials of Nepal Embassy Berlin, NRN-Germany representatives, ordinary Nepalese residing in Germany and Nepal-lovers. “Send Home a Friend” is a special program launched by the Government of Nepal, to be implemented by MoCTCA and NTB together with the nepali diaspora.NRN-Germany is proud to see the idea, with it’s origin in Germany, become a reality. The President of NRN-Germany, Mr. Dil Bahadur Gurung, who was significantly involved in the generation and materialisation of this idea was honoured during the function by the incumbent CEO of NTB.

The program began with a musical session. The sound of Sitar and Tabala resonated through the fairly filled hall. In the meantime some young people were seen at the sideline of the function decorating the dinner tables, making sure that there are enough plates and spoons for the guests. Some young people in the bar, located at the side of the hall, were serving the participants with a big grin on their faces. Next to the panel just opposite to the stage technicians were seen desperately trying to fix the cables and make the presentation with beamer a success. The CEO of NTB presented the freshly launched program “Send home a friend” in front of the audience. Other distinguished guests discussed the role of tourism for the development of nepal and the necessity of it’s promotion. Some of the speeches were pretty emotional. The speeches given in nepali language were translated into german language. After the speech round of the function the audience got a chance to ask their questions regarding the antecedent speeches and tourism in a general sense. On the light of surge in tourist arrival rate, some participants pointed out that the scanty physical infrastructure is the main hinderance for development of tourism in Nepal and emphasised that existing physical infrastructures like airports need to be expanded ,new physical infrastructres need to be planned and built rapidly and nepal should be made more accessible by opening new air linkages from different parts of the globe to Nepal. In order to reach out to huge number of people, some participants suggested that Nepal should start making advertisements in global TV channels like CNN and BBC. The CEO of NTB responded to the queries.The function ended with a delicious dinner.

Executive Committe Meeting – 08.03.2008

The executive committee of NRN-Germany convened at Nepal Lounge Berlin on 08.03.2008. The meeting started with the introduction of the agenda of the meeting by General Secretary Mr. Kedar Pradhan. A brief report about the activities of NRN-Germany prepared by Protocol Secretary – Mr. Rajendra Sthapit was read out by the President of NRN-Germany – Mr. Dil Bahadur Gurung. NRN-ICC Vice President – Mr. Ram Pratap Thapa – painted a global picture in terms of activities of NRN worldwide. Stating that there are more than 40 NRNs worldwide now, he reported that NRN-Finnland has been founded recently and foundation of NRN-Switzerland is in the offing. The financial report was presented by former treasurer Mr. Sanjay Shrestha.The responsibility of treasurer was handed over to the newly appointed treasurer Mr. Falindra Chaulagain. As the meeting took place on International Woman Day, NRN-ICC head of Women Forum – Mrs. Usha Sharma spoke briefly about the history of International Women day. The meeting had NRN Deputy regional coordinator for Europe – Mrs. Janakee Gurung as guest who came all the way from Beljium. She suggested that the task of NRN-Germany should be decentralised in an effective manner, the local NCCs need to be empowered by giving them required authority within the scope of the constitution and the activities of NRN-Germnay Executive Board and local NCCs should be well coordinated. The meeting also decided to give Coordinator of NCC-Hamburg – Mr. Ganga Lal Shrestha the authority of reshuffling the existing organisational structure of NCC-Hamburg so that it can work in an efficient manner. Realising that a jumbo executive committe is not efficient, the meeting decided to trim the executive board. A fresh list of executive members was prepared which will be proposed during the next election. In addition, because of the long absence of incumbent National Coordinator – Mr.Nilendra Shrestha, Mr.Kedar Pradhan and Mrs. Usha Sharma were requested to take the responsibility of National Coordinator for the time being until a new one is elected in the coming election. With a minute’s silence, the participants of the meeting mourned the death of father of his excellency Ambassador of Nepal to Germany – Mr. Madan Kumar Bhattarai. Moreover the meeting mourned the sudden death of another nepali woman who used to live in a west german city.