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NRN-Germany News

Interaction Program with Minister for Agriculture and co-operatives – 22.01.2009

On 22.1.2009 NRN-Germany held an interaction program in honor of Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Mr. Jayaprakash Prasad Gupta at Buddha Haus in Berlin. His Honorable Mr. Gupta is in Germany to take part in International Green Week that is held annually in Berlin. The program was attended by the Ambassador of Nepal for Germany Dr. Madan Kumar Bhattarai, President of NRN-Germany Mr. Dil Bahadur Gurung Schauler, Women Representative of NRNA-ICC Ms. Usha Sharma, executive members of NRNGermany and Nepali students studying in Germany.

During the program, his Excellency welcomed the Minister in Germany. The president of NRN-Germany Mr. Dil Bahadur Gurung Schauler drew the attention of the Minister to the problems faced by Non Resident Nepalis and pleaded for a clear legal status of Non Resident Nepalis. In particular he raised the issues of double citizenship for Nepalese living abroad, the provision of citizenship through mother. He stated that since these legal hurdles are impeding the contribution of Nepalese living abroad for the development of Nepal, they need to be taken seriously by the Government of Nepal. He demanded comprehensive legislations regarding these issues at the earliest and their swift implementation.

On behalf of Women Forum of NRNA,Ms. Usha Sharma expressed deep sorrow on recent brutal murder of female Nepali journalist Ms.Uma Singh. She extended condolence to the bereaved family on behalf of whole NRN. She added that the heinous crime of killing a young and dedicated journalist Ms. Uma Shing – who through her entire short career upheld the glory of the fourth pillar of a democratic society – has shocked each one of us who believes in fundamental values of democracy like human right, press freedom and rule of law.

The General Secretary of NRN-Germany Mr. Kedar Pradhan and Spokesperson of NRN-Germany Mr. Rajendra Sthapit expressed gladness that they got the opportunity to receive the minister, interact and share experiences with him.

Similarly the Minister thanked NRN-Germany for the warm welcome. He spoke briefly about the latest political developments in Nepal. He stated that the nation is going through a turbulent but epochal transitional phase and there are a lot of problems the country is currently facing. He highlighted that all the political parties have geared themselves up for constitution writing process. Furthermore he stated that with the formation of 14 committees, the groundwork for formulation of the constitution has already been laid. Since it has already been decided to adopt a federal structure in Nepal , NRNs living in Federal Republic Germany – who are already getting a very close experience of federal setup – can play a vital role in determining the future federal structure of Nepal, he added. He asked all the people related to NRN-Germany to get involved in the constitution writing process by providing suggestions.

On the course of the program, the students and other people attending it held interaction with the Minister. At the end of the program the participants observed a minute’s silence in memory of late Vice-President of NRN-Germany, Mr. Hari Karki, beloved Father of Vice President NRNA-ICC, Mr. Ram Pratap Thapa and beloved Mother of Mr. Kamal Niraula, executive member of NRN-Germany who all died recently.

Farewell Dinner in Honor of Ambassador Dr. Bhattarai- 13.01.2009

Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) Germany held a Dinner programme to bid farewell of Nepalese Ambassador to Germany Dr. Madan Kumar Bhattarai on Sunday in a Nepalese Restaurant Buddha House in Berlin. Ambassador Bhattarai is going back to Nepal after completion of 4 year tenure.

During the programme Mr. Ram Pratap Thapa, Vize President (Europe) of NRN-ICC briefed the activities of NRN in past years. He appreciated Dr. Bhattarai for his support on the agenda of NRNA such as dual citizenship, citizenship for children according to mother’s name and long term visa for NRNs of foreign passport holders. Mrs. Usha Sharma of Women Forum stressed the important of such organization to help the women living out side Nepal. General Secretary Dr. Kedar Pradhan welcomed the guests and told that during the past years we all feel like one family.

Ambassador Bhattarai thanked to all people who helped him to face the challenges of the daily task. He briefed shortly about the relationship between Nepal and Germany and believes that the relationship will be further strengthened in future.

At the programme were present the Embassy’s Staff, representatives of different associations, Journalists, Nepal experts and Nepalese students.