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This NRNA Song BY NRNA Lyrics By NRNA V.P. Bhaban Bhatta
Music composed By Sambhujit Baskota
Vocal By : Juna Prasai, Prashna Shakya, Amrit Chhetri,Ranjeet Shah, Bishwo Nepali,Mingma Sherpa,

हाम्रो घर, हाम्रै दायित्यो
बन्छ आफ्नै भवन, हुन्छ मन पावन

NRNA HEADQUARTERS is an important step towards NRNA’s commitment to contribute to Nepal and Nepal’s development. This building will be the central point from where all future work of NRNA will take place. It will be the symbol of our love for our motherland. The symbol of our pride and unity.

NRNA HEADQUARTERS will be the central point of our contacts, meetings, work space and, access to information. It will be the conduit to ensure that we have the means to, stay connected with global NRNs communities, and national and international agencies. From this basis we will foster and cement an enhanced communication dialog resulting in extensive collaboration. NRNs have dreamed about having our own building for a while with the idea of this project being originally floated in 2008 however, the project became dormant for long time. NRNA leadership has once again resurrected this project with the determination to fulfil this long overdue NRN’s dream. We therefore, urge everyone to support our mission of creating a NRNA HEADQUARTERS and make this great dream a reality.

NRNA invites and encourages participation of every NRN to make a contribution for this landmark of any amount within one’s capacity whatever the amount is. Every amount is significant in building our own home in Nepal.